With the recent crash in the stock market and crypto, many investors may be wondering if real estate will be next. Some might even put their plans on investing in real estate on hold due to the fear of the unknown. Well, if you have been in this industry for long, you will know that If housing prices are high today only because they will be higher tomorrow while fundamentals do not justify the rise, then a bubble exists. The measure of a real estate bubble is simple: property prices rise faster than incomes.

There are so many benefits of being a landowner, and one of them is that it does not crash. instead, it increases in value as a result of the high demand for accommodation.
Before we go further, let’s find out what a crash is.

What is a crash?

A crash is a sudden and significant decline in the value of a market.

The real estate industry has proven to be the only industry that could stand the test of time
regardless of economic crisis. Many investors have made a fortune from real estate and their
investments are generating income for them regardless of the economic crisis.
Real estate is the only industry that is resistant to economic recession because people will
always need a house for shelter, and land for cultivation.

With all that is happening in our world today, like the crash of crypto and stock market, there has
never been a better time to invest in real estate than now.
Many lost millions of dollars in the recent crypto crash. This is impossible in real estate because
properties don’t crash. Instead, their value increases, thereby making you richer.
There has never been a real estate investor who invested in real estate after following the due

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