Ibeju lekki has been the go-to destination for real estate investors in Lagos state due to many developments going to this location. However, as demand for land continues to increase, smart real estate investors have discovered another gold mine. but this time, in Iraiye Epe.

I know this might be the first time some of you are hearing this name. So you might be wondering where Iraiye Epe is located, right?

Iraiye Epe is one of the fastest developing Areas in Epe, Lagos state. It is just 5 minutes drive from Epe grammar school, and 10 minutes from Epe local government house.

Iraiye has attracted lots of real estate investors in recent years due to how peaceful and calm the environment is. There are lots of modern houses in this location and there are lots of building projects going on at the time of writing this article.

And the best time to invest in this location is now. because prices of land here are quite affordable. And the return on investment is massive. because the demand is increasing daily.

You could get over 200% ROI in the next 3 years. and here is why:

There is much development currently ongoing in ibeju lekki, and many are coming too, These developments include industries and industries will, workers to function, and workers will need accommodation close to their place of work. and with the high demand for accommodation in Ibeju lekki, most people will move down to Epe as the best alternative.

You see, the secret to becoming a successful real estate investor is to find out where the people are going, then go and buy land there. Being one of the first investors in a location has a huge benefit and you get to own properties at a very affordable price.

This is the case of Iraiye Epe.

If you are interested in becoming a landowner in the fastest developing area in Epe, please call or WhatsApp 0902 455 4979, or 0803 450 3952.

You can visit us at our head office Suites 201 and 202 Akord plaza, Elemoro, Ibeju lekki, Lagos state.


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