Real estate management is the business of managing land and buildings in other to achieve some optimum returns.

For proper and effective management of properties, the service of a well trained property expert is needed. Unfortunately most real estate investors in Nigeria do not see the need or importance of hiring an experienced professional estate manager and they end up shooting themselves on the foot.

Let’s face it, if you want to be a successful real estate investor in Nigeria or in any part of the world, you need the service of a property expert who will use his skills and experience to run the day-to-day running of your property.

Though hiring a property expert comes at a cost, trust me it is well worth it and the benefit outweigh the cost. The importance of having a professional real estate management company to manage your real estate investment cannot be over emphasized.

They ensure the proper management property to guarantee durability of that property.

The job may seem simple by definition but trust me it is not. Property management involves  performing lot of activities, routines to ensure appropriate maintenance of a property is done at the right time.

These maintenance process is delicate and affects the durability of the property and the value of the property as well.

You will agree with me that regardless of the location of a building and the structure of the building, if the building is not well maintained, it won’t be attractive and thereby losing value. Which is a loss to the owner.

To ensure the property maintains and increase its value over time, a proper and effective maintenance has to be done and there is no one in a better position to do this than a professional who in this case is a property expert/real estate manager.

Some of the services rendered by professional real estate management companies in Nigeria includes …

  • Ensuring that facilities in the apartment ( Sink, toilet accessories ) are not vandalized by tenants.
  • They make sure cracks on the wall are fixed immediately to stop them from escalating; which could lead to the building collapsing in the future.
  • They ensure the properties are clean and attractive,
  • They ensure tenants pay their rent as at when due.
  • They ensure timely payment of utility bills such as(light bill, security levy etc).
  • They see to it that the life and properties of the residents are safe.

As you can see, these are delicate services that should be handled by a trained property expert. Because a real estate manager  knows how to manage properties to avoid obsolescence and depreciation of values of properties.

To get a professional real estate company who has experience in efficient management of properties, contact us @Bethel realtors & management limited 08131691155 and 09024554979 or visit our office Suit 201 & 202 Akord shopping mall Bogije, Ibeju Lekki, Lagos state.

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