If you want to sell your home fast and at a great value, then you need to make it appealing to prospective buyers. And to do that, you need to know how to stage a home in a way that the prospect that comes for inspection will find your property irresistible to the extent he/she would want to acquire the property immediately. Guess what? Doing this doesn’t require any special skill – just some knowledge of how to, and I will be sharing the knowledge with you and if you apply the knowledge which I will share with you in this article, I can assure you that you will not only sell that house you have listed on sale fast, but at a great value.

This process of making your home attractive for sale in real estate is called HOME STAGING.

What is home staging?

Home staging is an undertaking, designed to prepare a private residential property for sale.

The ultimate purpose of staging a home is to make it more appealing to a large number of potential buyers by transforming it into an attractive home that everyone will want.

So as you can see home staging is very important to getting a good deal when selling your house. Without further ado, let’s dive into the home staging tips you should know in Nigeria.

painting a house

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Update Your House Paint

If you want your house to be attractive to buyers, then you need to update the painting of the house(if the house is old). This is because painting the house will bring out its beauty and even make it look like a new house. Painting a house could cost you a few bucks(depending on the size of the house), But trust me, it will be worth it because having your house painted gives it a new look and you can confidently increase the price of the house unlike when it is looking old and outdated.

fixing things in the house

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Repair/Fix Things In The House

Repair/Fixing things in the house is another great home staging tip you must not neglect when putting a house on sale, because failure to do that can be a turn off to most prospects. I Mean no one wants to spend more money on house repairs after the primary cost of buying a property. If a prospective buyer finds out he will be spending a whole lot on repairs, chances are he would go for another property. So before putting properties up for sale, ensure that everything in the house is working perfectly and if there are things that need fixing/repairs, fix them.

These are some home staging secrets home sellers should take note of. It is very important.

rearranging house furniture



Rearrange Your Furniture

Another home staging tip is rearranging the furnitures in your house. You may be wondering, “what does rearranging furniture have to do with the sale of a house?” Well, the essence of staging a home, is to make it appealing buyers and having your furnitures neatly arranged will definitely make the interior of the house more appealing and attractive. So do not neglect this tip because it will make your house beautiful and that is our goal – for your prospect to find your listed home beautiful and irresistible.


Depersonalize Your House

Depersonalize Your House


If you are selling the house you live in, you certainly have things that make it feel like home. Things that are related to you and your family, things that make you what you are. However, when you are staging your personal home – where you live with your family, you must keep the personalized items to a minimum so that the potential buyer can imagine what their personal belongings will look like.

Start with the family photos. Then move on to things like special decor, political memorabilia, religious items, sports team items, and so on. Instead, you should use a neutral decor and an art that appeals to all types of people. This seems too much or even too hurtful – you have to “hide” your precious belongings. However, it is very important to let the buyer’s imagination run wild as he wants to accommodate his personal belongings in his new home.




Home staging is key to selling a home fast and at a good price so it must be taken seriously by home sellers. Do you have more home staging tips you feel should be here? Drop them in the comment section below.


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