Having a well decorated home does not only help transform the look of your house, it also gives you space for relax. And the amazing thing is that you do not have to spend much, nor do you need special skills to make your living room and other part of your house look stunning.

In this article, I will be showing you how you can decorate your home creatively by yourself with little or no money spent.

rearranging house furniture


Rearrange your furniture.

If the house is not looking well arranged and organized, chances are your furnitutes are not properly arranged. In this case, before doing anything to make your house look better and more beautiful, the first step you should take is to rearrange your furnitures in a way there will be enough space for movement in your living room and still look beautiful. Make sure they are all in the right place. For example, Repurpose a seat into a handy stand, perfect for pulling up alongside a sofa or easy chair.

home staging

Change Your Chairs.

This is straight forward. Giving your living room or apartment a new look, may require you to change your chairs. For instance, You may need to change your chairs to Match your dining set. And also if the chairs are old, you can get new ones.

Recycle jars

Recycle old jars to turn into vases and centerpieces

Old jars in the living room should be replaced with new ones if they are in a bad condition, But if they are still in good condition, they should be washed thoroughly to ensure they remain neat always. And also, the jars should be filled with flowers or use them as votives for candles.

Book Shelves

credit: Yanko design

Style Your Bookshelf

You will agree with me that messy bookshelf always make an entire room look disorganized, Make sure your bookshelf is always well arranged, Lay a few too-tall books (or any other books) flat to serve as bookends to keep the others in place, Use baskets or boxes to hide unattractive DVDs or paperbacks .

declutter shelves


Declutter your shelves, tabletops, and countertops.

Declutter your shelves, tabletops and countertops in order to get rid of all the things that are not needed in your shelves. This makes the home very neat and more spacious.

Home decoration brings out the beauty of every home and makes the home more comfortable to live. So it is very important takes some time to decorate and arrange your home. It may be stressful to carry out, but it will be worth it and these tips here can go a long way to help you decorate your home yourself. But if you do not have the time, you can hire interior decorators to do that for you.

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