Most real estate investors in Nigeria bypass realtors when acquiring properties because of the agency fee these realtors charge. However, if you want to invest into real estate, I will advise you don’t make such a mistake as the benefits of hiring a realtor when purchasing a real estate in Nigeria cannot be overemphasized, far outweighing the monetary value of any agency fees you may have to pay.

In this article, I will be sharing with you reasons why hiring a realtor is a must for every real estate investor.

negotiation power

Negotiation power

As a real estate investor, you always want the best deal, whether you are buying or selling real estate.
But you can only negotiate to get the best deal if you know what the value of the property in that area
is; This is where a realtor come in. A professional real estate agent will negotiate to make sure you get
the best deal possible because he knows the true worth of the property.

saves time

Time saving

Hiring a realtor saves you time. This is because instead of spending much time trying to figure out things
on your own, the realtor does that for you with his knowledge and experience. Like the saying goes,
“Time is money”. Why spend a lot of it looking for properties to invest on by yourself when you can just pay someone a token to carry out this process for you while you carry on with your daily activities?

avoid overpaying

You avoid overpaying

Hiring a realtor can save you from overpaying for properties in Nigeria especially in Lagos. Professional
real estate agents know the market value of each real estate so they ensure that you, their client
doesn’t pay more than that. In some cases, they even make sure you buy a property for less than the
market value. So, if you do not want to be cheated when purchasing real estate, you definitely need an
experienced realtor. Give Bethel realtor a call now.

assistance with paper work

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Assistance with Paper work

With so many land scammers in Lagos state, it is very important to have a professional realtor assist you
with real estate paper work.
Having a realtor will guide you through the process of filling the documents correctly, detecting fake
documents, as well as helping you get documents that are not available at the time of purchase.

This is very important and you must not neglect this because the tendency to accept fake documents for
your property when you purchase one without a realtor is very high. And this means that you are not
the real owner of the property which automatically means that you have been scammed.


house listing in lagos

Access to more property listings

Searching for your dream home can be very stressful especially if you live in Lagos state where you have
to wake up by 4 am in the morning to go to work and close late.
But with the help of a realtor, you have access to listings of different properties and all you need to is
select the one that suits you and that’s all. No stress at all.

reveal hidden secrets

Revealing the hidden secrets

A realtor’s job is to make sure that his clients are protected when making real estate investment. For
this reason, a professional real estate agent will advise you on dangers of investing in some areas. This
danger could be that the property is in a location that belongs to the government or the person selling
the property is not the rightful owner.


As a real estate investor myself, I want to assure you that hiring a realtor is certainly worth it,
considering the time and effort they can save you and the know-how they can contribute to the success
of your investment.

For professional real estate guidance and services, contact us at Bethel Realtors and Management
Limited. We will not only guide you; we will do all the work while you go about your daily activities.

We offer expert advice on finding, buying, marketing, selling and investing in residential property.
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