Are you planning on relocating to Lagos state? Then I know you must be curious to know many things about the state among which are social problems facing the megacity

Like every other state, Lagos state has its own social problems and I will be sharing them with you here.

You see, I have been living in Lagos state for the past 15 years now, and within this period of time, I have been to every part of Lagos state.

From Epe to mainland and Island, I have a tour round them and I will be revealing all you need to know about the state. So without taking much of your time, let’s get started with the pros and cons of life in Lagos state.

social problems in Lagos

  • Planning:

Lack of planning is a major challenge in Lagos. This problem borders between being a social and an environmental problem. How is it that a city this populous and big has no reputable rail system? Despite its waters, the use of a ferry is quite uncommon.

An alarming number of Lagosians wake up on the Mainland and go on the third mainland bridge to the Island every day. Hence the heavy traffic.

Ikoyi happens to be the only planned area in Lagos, and you will notice how well the roads there are interconnected, despite having narrow roads within Ikoyi, there is hardly any traffic.

Due to lack of planning, there are factories next door to houses, churches beside hospitals, schools close to highways, very few parks, clubs in residential areas, e.t.c. It’s hard to get people to function after driving three hours in traffic to get to work, or one hour to school.

I believe Lagos has the capacity to bear/control the burden of the population it currently has if it had been strategically planned.


  • Traffic

Another social problem Lagos is facing is Traffic. Traffic has been a very big problem for years and despite the government’s efforts to control it, it keeps getting worse by the day. If you stay in Lagos and you have an appointment somewhere that is far, let’s say you live in Lakowe and where you are having your appointment is Ikoyi, It is better you leave your home 3 to 4 hours before early so you can get there on time.

Because if you don’t, you may get there late. And the annoying thing about the traffic is that most of the time, you will not see the cause of it.


Lagos is overcrowded due to inefficient transportation.

Political thuggery:

Many touts(area boys) exist and are protected mainly through the influence of politicians. These touts end up causing a lot of ongoing havoc, merely for their temporary usefulness during elections and political struggles.

Things like extortion of bus drivers, traders, etc inflate the cost of transportation and goods. Destruction of roads, other public utilities, and private property in order to facilitate the collection of ill-gotten gains.


Lagos is a very fun and interesting place to live. You just have to be very smart and sharp to survive the state.

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