Proper screening of prospective tenants is very important because it can safeguard your
investment and your peace of mind.

A rental background check allows real estate owners and managers to identify red flags and
avoid problematic tenants.
It provides insight into various aspects of an applicant’s past behavior and paints a picture of
how responsible they may be as a tenant.

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So what Does A Rental Background Check Consist Of?

Here is what a proper rental background check consists of:
● Personal Details
● Current Address Of The Person
● Current Income
● Address History Verification
● Employment status
● NIN Verification
● Previous Rental History (obtained from past landlords/property managers)
● Fraud Indicators (false info) address verification Lagos

I know you must be wondering how can I get these data in Lagos?
This information about a prospective tenant can be acquired from public data such as property
or court records.

Apart from public data, you can pull reports from criminal records and past landlords. address
verification background checks Lagos.


Carrying out a background check on a prospective tenant is very important to safeguard your
property and having peace of mind.

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