Managing a commercial real estate asset is not a passive endeavor. It requires a significant
amount of focus and operational expertise to perform effectively.

Commercial property managers handle non-residential properties like offices, retail spaces,
storage facilities, shopping centers, and industrial buildings.

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Commercial management encompasses the tasks and responsibilities of operating an
income-producing property.

Who is a Commercial Property Manager?

A property manager is an individual or firm who is responsible for running the day today
operations of a property.

His tasks fall into two buckets, operational and financial.

Operational tasks include things like building and executing a maintenance plan, responding to
tenant requests, collecting rent, negotiating leases, and managing evictions.
While financial tasks include things like processing rent, creating property budgets, and
performing monthly budget vs. actual analysis.

How Much Do Commercial Property Managers Earn?

For their services, property managers typically charge a percentage of the gross rental income
in addition to other ancillary fees.

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