The issue of when should i buy real estate? when is the right time to own a property? has been a thing of debate amongst first time real estate investors in Nigeria and there has been different opinions as to when the right time is the invest.

In this article I will be addressing these issues and also give you information to enable you make good decisions. So make sure you pay close attention and if you have any question, ask in the comment section.

The real estate industry is obviously one of the most profitable industry in Nigeria and it has made many investors wealthy, and it is still making those who know how to do it right wealthy. Like every other industry in the country, to be successful, you need to know some secrets and one of these secret in real estate is knowing when to buy a property at a low price and selling at a high price.

According to a survey by BusinessDay the best time to buy a home, land, office and mall from Nigeria’s property market is when the demand for properties are low. Because at this time, there is less competition and sellers are forced to sell at a low price.

As a smart real estate investor, this is the best time to buy and wait because unlike other  form of investments real estate always bounce back – in a short time.

So if you are one of those wondering “ when should I buy real estate in Nigeria”, the time is now. In fact there has never been a better time to purchase a property in Nigeria than now because of the effect of the ravaging COVID-19 pandemic on our economy,  A lot of people are more concerned about survival and not investment, therefore reducing the demand for properties in Nigeria and as an investor,  there is not better time to invest when the market is low and there is less competition.

So you need to utilize this opportunity to acquire as much properties as you can because one thing is certain…

The corona virus pandemic will be gone soon and the economy will bounce back again. Matter of fact this is not the first pandemic to have occurred, there have been several occurrence in the past. SARS( in Asia) and Ebola (in Africa) and market reactions from these previous pandemics only caused short-term volatility in real estate industry unlike other which took years to bounce back.

So if you invest in real estate now, you are already a step ahead of investors in other industry.


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